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What makes us different?

We understand that a 'one size fits all' approach is not appropriate. As a private provider, we tailor the process to our clients' needs. 

Our relationships with other professionals enable us to refer clients to a range of legal and support services, including, for parenting matters, the ability to offer child-inclusive FDR practice.

We appreciate that our clients have significant work and parenting commitments and are keen to make progress. 

We assist by:

  • meeting with clients as soon as possible

  • communicating directly  

  • facilitating meetings in our mediation chambers, at another suitable venue, or online via Zoom

  • providing typed session summaries

  • preparing parenting plans

Legal Advice

Family lawyers play a valuable role throughout the process. Experienced family lawyers can assist their clients in making fully informed decisions, taking into account matters important to the clients and with full knowledge of the legal implications.   

We recommend that every client obtain advice from an experienced family lawyer before commencing any family law mediation process and signing any legally binding agreement. Our legal experience enables us to identify specific matters for which clients may require further legal advice. 


If appropriate and agreed upon by the parties, we can facilitate lawyer-assisted mediations that are non-adversarial.


Financial FDR

Our focus is on facilitating the sharing of information and just and equitable decision-making, whether it is from 'disclosure to closure', discrete issues, or final settlements. 

Parenting FDR

Clients are not required to attend a group information session before their initial meeting with an FDR Practitioner.  They deal with the same FDR practitioner throughout the process, averting the trauma associated with repeating their circumstances to different practitioners.

Our focus is on improving communications. 

We use a variety of child-focused interventions, which account for each child’s age, maturity and needs.  Clients are educated on the impact of conflict on children and equipped with skills to enhance their post-separation parenting ability and co-parenting relationship. 

Child-Inclusive FDR

When appropriate, we encourage parents to consider engaging a Child Consultant who meets with each child (4+ years) and uses age-appropriate techniques to build a picture of how the child is coping with the separation and parental conflict - views that may not be expressed in the confines of the family dynamic. It provides the child with an opportunity to tell their story and express their views in a safe, confidential environment.  

After meeting with the child on one or more occasions, the Child Consultant meets with the parents and the FDRP.  This is called a child-inclusive session. The Child Consultant provides feedback and recommendations, which are used as a guide and reference throughout the FDR process. The Child Consultant will also convey any key messages to the parents that their child would like them to know.  Sometimes it is useful for the child or the parents to have further sessions with the Child Consultant to provide emotional support during this transition.

Child-inclusive FDR provides parents with an opportunity to understand what life looks like from their child’s perspective and allows their child’s voice to be heard.  It is designed to enhance collaboration between parents and keep the child’s best interests at the forefront of discussions and decision-making.  Child-inclusive FDR can also help separated parents to develop cooperative parenting strategies for the future. 

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