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Resources for Children

  • Sesame Street Divorce Toolkit – a variety of resources for children aged 2 – 8 years including videos, songs, printable stories and colouring books and multimedia apps.  Full versions of audio podcasts can be downloaded for free from Sesame in Communities iTunes page.

  • Tommy & Tiger Terry  by Darren Mort - a compelling book for children and parents and a useful resource for any separated family to assist children to make sense of it all. The aim is easy – as we all want our kids to grow up into well balanced and psychologically healthy adults.  Tommy is just the read to help kids understand that they are not alone.

Resources for Young People

  • headspace - mental health services for young people

  • ReachOut - online mental health support for young people

Resources for Adults

Courts & Legal Assistance

  • Magistrates’ Court of Victoria – assists people to obtain family violence intervention orders for those who have experienced violent, threatening or abusive behaviour

  • Women’s Legal Service Victoria - work with and for women experiencing particular disadvantage to address legal issues arising from relationship breakdown or violence

Government Services

  • Centrelink - payments and services for people at times of major change.

  • Child Support - resources for families, separated parents and their children.

  • Families - payments and government benefits available to families.

  • Victorian Government Child FIRST (Child and Family Information Referral and Support Team) - provides support and assistance to vulnerable children, young people and their families where there are concerns about the wellbeing of the child or young person


  • - government early learning and child care initiatives

  • ReachOut Parents - 24/7 service providing practical tips, tools and strategies to help parents strengthen their relationship with their teenager

Families and Communications

  • eCommBook – an Australian based online platform enabling separated parents to communicate regarding their children's needs

  • Our Family Wizard – a US based website for separated parents to assist them to manage co-parenting relationships

Family Violence
  • 1800 Respect - 24/7 sexual assault and family violence helpline

Health and Mental Health
  • headspace - mental health services for young people

  • beyondblue - anxiety, depression and suicide support service and resources

  • BeyondNow - suicide safety planning app to help people when distressed and at risk of suicide

LGBTIQ support services

Problem gambling
  • Betsafe - responsible gambling program

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