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What do we do

Goldberg Family Law Mediation helps families (heterosexual and LGBTIQ+) rebuild their relationships for the future, addressing a range of matters, including:

  • Post-separation parenting arrangements and issues

  • Developing parenting plans that focus on the best interests of the child

  • Establishing positive post-separation co-parenting by educating clients on the impact of conflict on children and equipping them with skills to enhance their parenting ability and co-parenting relationship​

  • Property settlement - the division of assets and liabilities


  • Child support issues and developing child support agreements

  • Other financial arrangements such as spousal maintenance and adult child maintenance

  • Future asset protection

  • Cultural and religious issues that impact the co-parenting relationship or the ability to establish new relationships

We also assist clients with ongoing parenting concerns, including:

  • Compliance with court orders and parenting plans

  • Isolated issues such as passport applications, overseas travel, and arrangements for significant occasions

  • Managing changing family dynamics such as the introduction of new partners and the creation of blended families

  • Reviewing the appropriateness of arrangements as children develop

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